Augmented Reality-Installation and Performance with Selfie-Point and Merchandising

Germany, 2024

“It is the dawn of a new era.” The 245-metre-high Elbtower was intended to be a new landmark for Hamburg; a landmark that would set new standards.

The stop in construction has already changed everything, but also offers the opportunity for a unique new beginning. The Birdtower with its iconic flocks of birds will become a self-confident statement for a growing and future-orient- ed Hamburg: a local recreation area and tourist magnet, but also a unique landmark for a flourishing more-than-human city and new forms of urban coexistence.

In order to make this imagination “real”, visitors can stand on a selfie station to take a picture of themselves and the bird tower using augmented reality animation. Ideally with a “Birdtower” cap or T-shirt on, of course.

Concept and production: Francesca Bertin, Barbara Niklas, Floriane Grosset, Max Sänger

Supported by Akademie der Künste, Berlin.
Show in Mikropol Galerie and Billhafen- Löschplatz, Hamburg.