GHM bleibt offen 

Roomscale Virtual Reality / 2021 

Using the example of a conflict over the use of the semi-public garden of the Künstler:innenhaus Vorwerkstift, "GHM bleibt offen" deals with the fragile boundaries between public and private space and the fragility of commons.
An ongoing conflict over the use of the garden, applicable rules, and the willingness to negotiate came to a head during the pandemic period and led to the garden being temporarily closed to the public by the residents of Vorwerkstift in September 2020. Based on this conflict, "GHM bleibt offen" examines the garden in its multi-layeredness and fundamentally addresses the relationality of space, current and past processes of appropriating space in the Karolinenviertel, and conflicts over commons.

Texts based on conversations/interview material with: Sören Havemester, Anna-Karoline Pongs-Laute, Jessica Stockburger, Eva Zulauf, Björn Gailus, residents of the Vorwerkstift, neighbors and young people of the Karolinenviertel. As well as conversations with Olaf Dreyer and Claudia Kuhlenkamp, quoted from Nils Knott's audio contribution for the "Soundedition Vorwerkstift 2019". The contribution "Garden" is written and spoken by Elisa Juri.

In addition to the VR installation in Gallery 21, the works "Hüdde reloaded" by Sultan Alawar, "Bambulerossa" by Björn Gailus and "Eistee" by Laura Kahler are exhibited in the garden as part of "GHM bleibt offen".

Concept, research, sound recording, editing and VR-realisation: Francesca Bertin, Elena Friedrich, Barbara Niklas
VR 3D technical support: David Huss and Tim Huys
Posters and flags: Jul Gordon
Speakers and performers: Eiko Weishaupt with Louie, Elena Victoria Pastor, Tim Huys, Nader Hamzeh, Tilo Kremer, Julia Maiquez Esterlich, Andreas Werle, Laila Shahin, Nour Alkhatib, Albert Alvarez, Anastasia Lola, Sultan Alawar, Markus Hoffmann with Pense and Spilla, Marc Pujolar , Núria Frías, Jan C. Ròttger, Juan So, Aler Klar, Pedro Torres, Lucie Höffner, Nils Knott, Barbara Niklas, Laura Kahler, Stefanie Schröder, Marlene Schröder, Lucie Schroeder, Giulia Perlotto, Elisa Juri.

Supported by Fonds Soziokultur, the "Kultur hält zusammen" of the Dorit & Alexander Otto-Stiftung and the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung.

Language: German, English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian