Experimentalfilm / 2013 / Super 8 - HD / 6’  

Rodolfo seems content. He lives in the moment, following the same daily routine, inside the big white-painted house next to the church, the house he grew up in. He sleeps in the same bed, in the same room. His clothes are placed in the same closet, he eats his meals at the same table, he walks the same corridors. Rodolfo is suffering from depression. He has barely left the house in decades, he hasn‘t spoken for years.

Direction, Camera, Montage: Karsten Krause
Co-Director: Francesca Bertin
Text: Paul Bogaert
Narrator: Simon Shrimpton-Smith
Color grading: Wave-line Berlin
Sound design, mixing: Roman Vehlken
Super 8 Development: Philip Widmann, Andec Filmtechnik Berlin
Translation: Paul Vincent, Christian Filips
Funded by FFA - German Federal Film Board

I AM HERE - A text by Paul Bogaert

Villa Rodolfo.
Central, quiet location on piazza with novelty fountain.
Lovely south-facing garden. All year round.
Many many rooms. No lift.
Authentic structure, smoking permitted, stylishly furnished,
impressive stairwell, massive walls,
immense depressions.
Permanent resident (quiet, contented type),
who never leaves the house (fully equipped).
Tobacconist on ground floor.
Cocktail Comedy Bar nearby.
Don’t be alarmed by a paralysed left arm.
354 m from pharmacy.
500 m from supermarket and gym.
Other pharmacies 1.9 km, 2.4 km, 3 km away.
39 km from electroshock treatment centre (previously twice a week).
5 km from car museum.
6.2 km from zoo.

All this in the light of the Indoor World Silence Championship.
Hot air balloon ride possible 40 km away.
Diving school 50 km away.