IL GIARDINO / The garden 

Documentary / 2018 / HD / 20’

A container village in the scorching heat of the Italian summer. Here reside the men who are constructing a new traffic artery. The rhythmic repetition of their daily lives goes silently accepted. A nearby garden offers refuge from a man made landscape.

Calogero Caltanissetta and Fabrizio Bertin

Script, Direction: Francesca Bertin
Cinematography: Leonhard Kaufmann
Sound: Julius Kaufmann
Montage: Francesca Bertin, Moritz Poth, Leonhard Kaufmann
Production: Francesca Bertin
Grading & Mastering: Leonhard Kaufmann
Sound Design & Sound Mix: Tim Elzer
Translation: Angie Kretschmann and Henrieke Markert
Credits: Felix Walser (Book Book, Berlin)

Language: Italian
Subtitles: English