VERSCHWINDEN / Disappearance V1

Videoinstallation / 2020 / 4K / 4’ Loop

The Passerelle under the Messedamm in Berlin-Westend is an urban crossing point. People go about their daily business and cross the image while the camera continually remains in motion and circles around them. Initially well visible in the picture, the individuals are overlaid by the architecture as if by chance. A possible glimpse into our future? Disappearance v1 is the prelude to a video cycle that combines sequences of disappearance at different locations

Concept, Direction: Simone Kessler, Francesca Bertin
Choreographie: Marc Carrera
Camera: Jeppe Rohde
Grading: Tim D. Huys
Sound Design & Sound Mixing: Mario Schöning
Performers: Yue Li, Carlota Bantulà, Núria Frías Corrius, Abelardo Da Hora, Simon Alexej, Desmond Alugnoa, Roya Aßbiehler, Tanguy Bernier, Thomas Börner, Peer Cox, Yelyzavetz Davidenko, Megan Dieudonné, Jeremy Hunter, Emilie Ketteniss, Sophie Ketteniss, Felix Kraus,
Dennis Lange, Irma Mehlhorn, Nadja Mereien, Olivia Nava, Joyce Newrezella, Patrick Pohl, Sylke Pohl, Katrini Reuchardt, Franziska Ritter, Jessica Rodewald, Catarina Trigo, Jacob Vann, Christina Weise, Britta Zupancic, James Zupancic, Jeff Zupancic.
Production: Simone Kessler

Funded by Bezirkamt Charlottenburg - Wilmensdorf and Steiner-Stiftung München.